• Republic of Tunisia
  • Republic of Tunisia
  • Republic of Tunisia
  • Republic of Tunisia
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Official Name:

Republic of Tunisia



Geologic Situation:

North Africa

Official Language:

Arabic (french is widely used)


Islam (Christians and Jews)


162.155 km²


10.432.500 (1st July 2009)


M. Mohamed Moncef Marzouki

National Day:

20 March (Indépendance Day)

Time Zone:

UTC + 1


Tunisian Dinar (TND) online exchange rates

Important cities:

Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Bizerte, Kairouan, Gabès

Calling Code


Website of the Tunisian Government



Tunisia, a bridge between Europe and Africa, has hosted many civilizations during its three thousand years of history: Berber, Punic, Roman, Vandal, Byzantine, Arab, Muslim, Ottoman, etc. .

Tunisia is a very open country reflecting its history and its people and determined to further consolidate and develop bilateral and multilateral cooperation with its partner countries in the mutual interest and mutual respect.
Tunisia is a generous country rich of his woman and his men: Elissa, Hannibal, Tertullian, Augustine, Ibn Khaldun, Assad Ibn Al Furat, the Imam Sahnoun ...

With its welcoming and generous people, a temperate climate and countless archaeological sites and fabulous sceneries, the country of Carthage continues to be a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world.
Haven of peace, culture and knowledge, Tunisia invites you to visit its monuments and innumerable historical and cultural sites and to discover the secrets of its history and the charm of its beautiful scenery.